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Stimulation of the growth of winter cereals

The goal of using auxin-based growth stimulators and foliar nutrition on cereals is to create strong and even stands with a high yield potential that properly fulfil all qualitative parameters.

Increasing the level of auxin at a well-defined stage of grain development leads to a straightening of the tillers and an adjustment of their amount, a reduction of unevenness and, last but not least, auxin stimulators have a very positive effect on the resulting quality and quantity of the harvested grain. These properties of our products walk a fine line between hormonal stimulation and growth regulation.

Underestimation of the corrective and yield-forming capacity of foliar fertilisers can often lead to undesirable yield reductions in cereals, even when all other intensification inputs are applied and the level of basic fertilisation is increased.

Crop recommendations

Winter cereals – stimulation and foliar nutrition system

Winter cereals – stimulation and foliar nutrition system