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Job production of fertilisers, growth stimulators and other products for small farmers as well as large enterprises

Biosfor offers its customers special custom manufacturing in the field of agricultural products, eco-friendly technical products and various household cleaners. We are able to secure all our growth stimulators and other products very quickly and in almost any quantity. We then pack the goods according to the customer’s wishes.

Our products have been tested at accredited testing sites, where tests have long proven their appreciable to significantly positive effect on crop yield.  Comparative trials usually show that our products perform better than competing products.

We are able to resolve customer requests within three days.
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Why trust us

Biosfor is a purely Czech manufacturer of various plant growth regulators and other auxiliary agents for agriculture. We produce only certified products that boast the Czech Product label. Our customers are agricultural enterprises with smaller and larger areas of arable land as well as small and independent farmers.

We are able to respond quickly and flexibly to the individual requests of our customers. Our custom manufacturing serves both smaller and larger agricultural enterprises.

At a loss when it comes to chemicals? We can help!

In addition, we also provide consultancy on agricultural chemistry. We are able to adapt our production to your needs and respond individually. In this case, the final price of custom orders depends on the packaging used and the quantity required.