Sagrol NF for safe cleaning of agricultural equipment

Product for safe cleaning of sprayers and other agricultural equipment.

  • Removes residues of plant protection products in sprayers
  • Facilitates the washing of the surfaces of agricultural equipment
  • Increases corrosion protection of internal and external surfaces of the equipment
  • Ensures the continued safe use of sprayers

Product characteristics and mechanism of function

SAGROL NF contains a mixture of sodium silicate, sodium triphosphate and sodium percarbonate. Silicate is partially hydrolysed in the application solution to silicic acid in the form of a salt that absorbs residues of active ingredients of plant protection products, oils and other organic impurities. Sodium triphosphate and sodium percarbonate cause the decomposition of the active ingredients of the products and facilitate their absorption into the silicic acid salt. At the same time, sodium triphosphate acts as a corrosion inhibitor.