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Technical products for a longer service life of agricultural machinery

Biosfor’s technical products are particularly suitable for agriculture, where they can ensure the perfect maintenance of machines or sprayers thanks to their unique composition. Our company is a purely Czech manufacturer of technical products, plant growth regulators and other agents needed in agriculture. All of our products are patent-protected and boast the Czech Product label.

Our products are environmentally friendly

Why use technical products by Biosfor

Excellent test results

  • Comparative trials at accredited testing sites have shown that Biosfor products perform better than competing products.

Environmentally friendly products

  • Our technical products are non-toxic. Therefore, they can be used in all types of agriculture. The “NF” in the product name Sagrol NF stands for Nature Friendly.

Longer life service of machinery

  • Sagrol NF is a product that optimally treats and cleans a wide variety of agricultural machinery and sprayers. At the same time, it ensures a longer service life.

Cleaners and products for the maintenance of agricultural machinery

Sagrol NF is a product that can treat a wide variety of agricultural machinery and sprayers. It will also preserve them and ensures a longer service life. Sagrol NF stands out mainly due to its environmental friendliness. It achieves great results by breaking down the chemicals that would quickly damage the machinery. All Biosfor products have been tested at accredited testing sites, proving their significant and positive impact.

Technické přípravky pro zemědělské stroje - Sagrol NF